Strategic Planning and Review

We help our clients prepare for whatever situation might arise with:

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Corporate Reporting and Compliance
  • Telecommunications Security and Fraud Protection
  • Telecommunications Network Lifecycle Planning and Management

Change Management

Change can be difficult but necessary to run an efficient business. We make the following processes easier:

  • Project Planning and Implementation Assistance
  • Business Expansion or Downsizing
  • Mobile or Remote Office Creation
  • Office Moves and Relocations
  • System and Application Upgrades and Replacements

Performance Enhancement

All businesses need to improve their business productivity. At Encompass, we leverage available technology to enhance business performance through:


  • Business Needs Analysis
  • VoIP Needs and Benefit Analysis, QoS audit, and implementation
  • New technology and equipment acquisitions, Vendor RFQs, purchase
  • and implementation support
  • Optimization of Systems and Processes
  • Mobile Work Force applications
  • Network Integration/Acquisition Integration
  • Video or Audio Conferencing needs
  • Data Capacity Analysis
  • Call Center Optimization

Cost control

At Encompass, we understand that cost control is a key aspect of running a profitable business. An essential element of cost control is reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses and inefficient processes. We provide a wide variety of services that reduce costs through performance enhancement, strategic planning and process review, and change management.

In this constantly changing world of technology and telecommunications, Encompass is there to make sure that you and your business have what you need — and that you’re no longer paying for what you don’t — to keep your business at its most profitable.