Traditional Phone Systems

Pro’s of a traditional System

  • Close to 135 year track record
  • Good feature set developed over years
  • Reliable line services
  • Reliable Hardware
  • Responsive company installs solution

Con’s of a traditional system

  • High upfront cost
  • High cost to connect Multiple sites
  • Technology ages and has to be replaced
  • Expensive support and Maintenance cost
  • Limited phone lines
  • Direct Numbers (DID’s) Require a PRI T1
  • Limited teleworker options
  • Additional Charge for Long Distance
  • Advanced Features cost extra
  • Longer Downtime on Deployment
  • Limited disaster Recovery
  • Expensive Redundancy

Hosted Phone Systems

Pro’s of a Hosted system

  • Low upfront cost
  • Software updates included
  • Fast Deployment anywhere
  • Buy only what your need at the time
  • Long Distance Included
  • Never have to replace your system again
  • No support cost * Normally only phone support
  • Most advanced features are included
  • Remote Teleworkers(Mobile) are included
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery built In
  • Direct numbers optional
  • More phone lines

Cons of a Hosted System

  • Reliability is determined by internet connection
  • More call quality issues than analog lines
  • Phone run on network often not setup for VOIP
  • Support is often over the phone support not live
  • Warranty equipment is often shipped vs replaced
  • Bandwidth requirements increase need for larger pipe
  • Training is often over the phone or videos