In addition to working directly with hospitals, we work with a number of health care associations to find the best telecommunications solutions to meet their unique needs and provide cost-saving benefits to a broad section of the industry.One of the unique challenges of the healthcare industry is the necessary compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) guidelines. Our independent communications technology consultants understand the HIPAA requirements and can ensure that your telecommunications systems meet all compliance standards while still providing significant cost savings.
Another challenge is the dynamic mobile environment in the healthcare industry. Many hospitals have a variety of employees requiring different levels of service. For example, while some doctors are employed full time with the hospital and require constant mobile support, others may be on the staff of two or more hospitals or are only connected through their own practice and have totally different needs. We can help you implement and manage a complex mobile device network while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.


Professional services organizations are a valuable resource for their clients. Our independent communications technology consultants understand that keeping costs low for these organizations is critical to their ability to provide the best possible services for a reasonable price. We have helped a wide variety of professional services organizations save 22 to 50 percent on telecom expenses and equipment costs.


Non-profit organizations provide valuable services for the sole benefit of helping people and communities. At Encompass, we understand that every dollar that is wasted on unnecessary telecom costs is a dollar that can’t be put toward the important work of the organization. Our independent communications technology consultants strive to find every dollar that can be put to better use.
We also know that most non-profit organizations don’t have room in their budget for consultants. However, Encompass doesn’t charge a fee unless telecom savings are realized — and then, the fee is only a percentage of the organization’s savings — which allows non-profit organizations to benefit from our services.


Many businesses in the Retail and Manufacturing Industries need to connect to multiple locations with high-capacity connections that are affordable in a low-margin environment. In addition, the reliability of both voice and data services is of paramount importance.

Our Encompass independent communications technology consultants understand the unique needs and key requirements of these industries and have had significant success in reducing telecom expenses while maintaining or improving the quality of services. We work with a wide variety of firms in these fields to provide the most efficient telecommunications and connectivity solutions.